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Top 8 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Heart

Heart disease is a growing concern all over the world. It is the leading cause of death globally. The most important reason of heart diseases is unhealthy lifestyle, though sometimes it can be hereditary. Heart problems can be avoided by adapting a healthy lifestyle. In this blog, I will discuss some ways of maintaining a healthy heart. Remember, you have only one heart. So, learn to take care of it.

Ways to Prevent Heart Diseases

Say a big no to smoking and alcohol consumption

Ofcourse, this requires no explanation. We all know about the side-effects of smoking and drinking alcohol and how it can slowly kill us. Then why murdering yourself? Stay away from smoking and alcohol and maintain a healthy heart. I know quitting is not east but is killing yourself a better choice?

Check your family history

Sometime heart diseases can be hereditary. So it is better you check your family history and if anyone in your family is suffering from heart disease, try to get yourself checked and take extra care of your heart.

Eat healthy

Eating healthy food can reduce your risk of heart problems. Eat fruits, whole grains and green vegetables. Avoid junk food. Avoid the intake of food that contains saturated fat and trans fat like red meat, dairy products, deep- fried food, packaged food, bakery products, etc.

Manage your stress levels

Managing stress level is highly important for maintaining a healthy heart. So take some break, socialize and spend some good time with friends.


Exercising regularly atleast for half an hour is good for maintaining a healthy heart. It can reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases. For improving your heart rate, you can also try aerobics. Meditation and yoga are also great for heart as they can manage your stress levels.

Maintain a healthy weight

If you are obese, you are at higher risk of heart diseases. Obesity also increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. So eat healthy and avoid high calorie food. Say a big no to junk food and processed food. Exercise regularly at least for half an hour. Your BMI should be between 20-25.

Avoid High Sodium Food

Reducing the intake of salt is highly necessary for maintaining a healthy heart. So try using less salt while cooking. Also, stay away from processed food as they are high in sodium.

Check Your Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Level

People with a high blood pressure level have a higher risk of heart related diseases. High cholesterol levels can also increase your risk of stroke and heart disease. Hence it is important to monitor and maintain a healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels so that risks of heart diseases can be avoided.

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